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  About Our Company  

Welcome to Van Orman Figured Furniture. My name is Donny Van Orman.  I have a passion for beautiful wood and building it into treasured furniture.

Donny Van Orman has been in the business of making guitar parts for 37 years as the owner of Van Orman Guitars, LLC.  He started out producing western red cedar guitar tops for acoustic guitars, then later acquired quilted and flame/curly maple to produce electric guitar tops.  To date, Van Orman Guitars, LLC has produced approximately 1.8 million guitars tops and bodies for many major instrument makers all over the world.  During those years, tens of thousands of distinctive figured-maple guitar blocks were accumulated.  This specialty wood is now being used to build the beautiful custom furniture at Van Orman Figured Furniture.

Van Orman Figured Furniture specializes in obtaining salvaged timber and utilizing the unused specialty guitar wood that is now the main source for our hand-crafted furniture line.  We also salvage first-growth western red cedar logs out of the ground to produce our larger tables along with our maple slab tables.

 Van Orman Figured Furniture is a tree-to-product company for much of the wood we use.  From cutting, harvesting, and processing the trees, to creating products that highlight the natural beauty of the wood, we bring the process full circle to provide our clients with quality, one-of-a-kind treasures.

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