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Dimensions:  Length 35-1/2 inches, Width 22-1/2 inches, Height 23 inches

This coffee table features a Maple Burl center, Flame Maple top & skirt, Granadillo strips, and Alder legs.

Attention:  This photo represents the wood's figure design.  The  figure design in your order will have a different pattern than the photo, but we guarantee that the wood’s figure design in your product will be of the same quality and grade.  Each piece of quilted and flame maple wood has a unique figured-wood texture, grain, and pattern that is never repeated and cannot be duplicated, making each piece unique.

Large Rectangle Accent Table w/Burl Center 35-1/2"L x 22-1/2"W x 23"H

  • We can customize to any height, length, and/or width. You can also request the type of figure in the wood you prefer, such as Quilted Maple or Flame/Curly/Tiger Maple. Ask us about the price when customizing. Any custom requests may increase the cost.

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